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Automatic bevel Paper Straw Machine
Invention patent:201910200680.4
一、Product performance and characteristics:
1. The device realizes the automatic oblique cutting of a single double (or single) length suction pipe into two (or single) suction pipes, which integrates the automatic dropping of suction pipe and oblique cutting.
2. This machine is controlled by PLC. The host machine is equipped with frequency conversion and speed regulation. The man-machine interface is touch screen. It is simple to set and easy to operate.
3. The cutting part adopts multi-knife cutting system, which has no waste, high precision, time-saving and high efficiency.
4. The main accessories are made of stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and environmental protection of the products.
二、Main technical parameters
Cutting Speed 800(meters/min)
Straw Length 100-250
Straw Diameter 4.5-14mm
Power Supply 380V 50Hz 1KW
Main machine size 1900*1800*1700
Weight 300kg
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